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Halo Waypoint Front Page - 12/22/2011

Waypoint is divided up into a number of pages. Each page facilitates a different aspect of Halo.

Pages are subject to change without notice, but this is unlikely to occur untill November, 2012.

Front PageEdit

The front page features an interactive window with the latest headlines clearly displayed. It is a great way to jump to a new article, such as a Halo Weekly Bulletin.

Also feat

Stats portion of the front page.

ured on the front page is the expandable stats segment, if you are logged in to Waypoint, you will be able to view some basic stats from your Halo career, and Halo Reach.

Below the stats and featured articles is a list of the latest blog posts. Here you can find interesting articles submitted all News articles such as content submitted from the community, Halo Reach screenshots of the day, and any other news article.

To the right of this is a few tools and social apps. Twitter, facebook, and an option to search for your Service Record.


The games page is a (relatively) static page that displays a list of all games that are a part of the Halo Franchise.

From here you can read descriptions of all games, new and old, and click on a game to visit it's own page. You can also navigate to these pages via the drop down Games menu.


As you probably know, Halo's universe is enormous, the Universe segment allows viewers to browse official intelligence on things such as Ships, Weapons, and Technology.

From these sub-segments you can browse media, images, and intel.


Halo's community is arguably larger than it's Universe, the Community page is a hub for all community related content that is submitted to the site. The main segments are Spotlight, Creations, Events and Rooster Teeth.


Hint: This is the place where you buy stuff!

The store is a great place to see what official goods the franchise offers. This covers everything from books to video, downloadable content, and Toys & Collectables.


Last, but most definately not least, is the Forums.

The forums are where the Halo Waypoint community go to discuss all things Halo.

There are several discussion boards, you can discuss everything from the games & universe, to your own Halo related content, or even recruit some people for a good old game of SWAT.

For more information on the forums, go here.

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