The forums consist of two main sections, Community, and Games. The forums are the place to discuss anything Halo related. There are a variety of guides, FAQs, and a tonne of great discussions that occur on a regular basis.

The forums are located here:

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Stay on top of the fabulously exciting world of forum news and updates.

This is the forum where administrators (usually bs angel) post various announcements about the forums, & the site. It also hosts some official support FAQs.

Roll CallEdit

Introduce yourself!

This subforum is the first place you should visit if you are new to the community. There is a pinned thread with a template for starting your own thread so people can get to know you, and you become eligible for Community Member of the Week!

Notable threads: Introduce Yourself!

Community CreationsEdit

Share your Halo-related creation.

This is the forum where you can share anything related to Halo.

Notable threads: Welcome to the Community Creations Forum!


Find Spartans for your cause

This is the forum where you can post a thread requesting assist in a challenge, or recruit players into your clan, etc.

Notable threads: Welcome to the Recruiting Forum

Halo UniverseEdit

Discuss the fiction of the Halo Universe

Anything from talking about books, anime, comics, or canon in general, as well as canon speculation belongs here.

Notable threads: Halo Book Club


A place to talk about the current state of Halo Matchmaking

This is the forum where you can discuss Halo Reach online. Threads exist for every playlist and map in Matchmaking, those are used for general Matchmaking discussion, and many people voice their opinions on a variety of points and ideas.

Notable threads: Playlist Feedback Master Thread | Map Feedback Master Thread | Title Update Feedback Master Thread | Update Changelists

Polling BoothEdit

Cast your vote on various Halo topics

Any polls that you wish to create should be posted here. If they aren't, they will be moved. Savy?

Notable threads: Welcome to the Polling Booth

Halo WaypointEdit

Discuss Halo Waypoint support topics with your peers

This forum is the most recent addition. It is a branch from the General Discussion forum to seperate general Halo discussion, and discussion related to Halo Waypoint. Any bugs, queries, questions, or feedback towards Halo Waypoint should be posted here.

Notable threads: ATLAS Support FAQ | Forum BBCode | Forum Bugs & Suggestions

General DiscussionEdit

Come here to discuss general Xbox and Halo topics

Everything else goes here! All discussion related to Halo, and the Xbox that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Notable threads: Yo! (Off Topic) | Forum Festivities | Official Halo Feedback Thread | Ask a question for the Halo Bulletin


Halo 4Edit

Discuss all things related to Halo 4

Halo Combat Evolved AnniversaryEdit

Discuss all things related to Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo: ReachEdit

Discuss all things related to Halo Reach

Halo WarsEdit

Discuss all things related to Halo Wars

Halo 3: ODSTEdit

Discuss all things related to Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3Edit

Discuss all things related to Halo 3

Halo 2Edit

Discuss all things related to Halo 2

Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

Discuss all things related to Halo: Combat Evolved

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